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Rebuilds                  $225.00

Valve Job                $35.00

Dyno Engine           $40.00

Deck Cylinder Head           $25.00
Animal, WF, Honda

Deck Engine Block             $25.00
Animal, WF, Honda

Reassemble after Tech:
Scott Racing Engines’ policy is if you get tore
down in Tech for great performance it shouldn’t
cost you.  So for making our engines Look Good
the labor is on us!  The only charge will be for

Shipping Engines:
We recommend using a Shipping Crate Package
that we sell for $60.00.  When shipping your
engine for service please
drain all fluids and
place engine in a large trash bag
.  This will
ensure any fluids remaining in the engine will
not leak into the shipping container.  If you do
not wish to purchase the Shipping Crate
Package please select a suitable shipping
container and be sure to pack around the
engine for stabilization.  Please
DO NOT use
Packing Peanuts.  Please fill out the online
shipping form and include it in the box with your
Race Prepped Honda Engine
New Thailand GX-120 with #13 cylinder head. Built to
USAC or QMA Rules
These engines are completely disassembled and the
parts are checked to be sure they comply with all QMA
specifications.  Parts that do not meet QMA and our
own specifications are replaced to obtain maximum
performance.  After assembly the engine is broken in
and then Dynoed to ensure the engine meets our
standards before being shipped.  
·        GX-120        $89
·        GX-160        $89

Built to USAC or QMA Rules.
Race ready motors, just add oil.
·        Animal        $1050.00
·        Animal Exhaust 2 Muffler        $185.00

Briggs World Formula Engine
We have a large inventory of Briggs parts, we hand
build all of our World Formula engines from scratch.  
For you the racer that means you will get the best of
the best at no additional costs!!  Our World Formula
engines are built and then Dynoed for peak
performance.  They are ready to race when your
engine arrives and oil is added!  We offer two different
options for gearboxes and cranks.
·        World Formula w/Briggs crank and gear
box                 $1,599.99
·        World Formula Exhaust 3 Muffler       $208.00
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World Formula
Online Shipping Form
Please complete, submit and print  online shipping form and enclose with your engine.
Please drain all fluids (i.e., oil) from engine before shipping.
Includes dynoing
after rebuild.
Doesn't include parts
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